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  • Do I have to have danced or had previous barre training to take a Barre Warrior Class?

No, not at all. However please attend the Barre 101 class until you feel comfortable with the technique to move a the Barre Warrior pace. For online classes, watch the technique tip videos then start with the 'beginners' section.

  • Can I practice Barre Warrior when I'm pregnant?

Yes you can! Up until your final trimester is recommended, however please check with your doctor. Barre Yoga section is a great choice till late in your pregnancy, avoiding any stomach curls in the Floor Barre section.

  • I have an injury but am able to do gently exercise, What do you suggest?

Barre Yoga is ideal for you. I have had many students accelerate their rehab and regeneration by using the alignment principles and footwork with Barre Yoga. Additionally much of the program is on the mat or with a support. Always email or call if you have specific injuries you would like to discuss with me.

  • How often can I practice Barre Warrior? And how many classes before I see results?

As often as every day, with one day off for recovery. It is a really good idea to to add a barre Yoga class or combine the two programs. Barre is excelled for developing technique and core strength. Most practitioners will see clear results after 3-4 weeks by attending 2-3 classes a week.

  • I'm at at home mum/ I'm a busy worker with little time to spare for my workouts. What can I do?

Download the Barre Warrior App, or jump on to the Video page and subscribe or pay to view classes. You can even try some of the short free videos. I suggest 20-30 minutes every day which is the typical length of the videos. 

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