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Fitness for me is about my body and my skin too!

The anti ageing range is exceptional and now Nu Skin have released arguably the best Collagen powder in the world. This along with Lumi Spa the unique home spa cleansing device are my two must use products.

Check out my favourite products that keep me feeling and looking young. You can browse and purchase these by clicking here or visit

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My Story

Youthfulness and vitality are part of what drives me to teach Barre Warrior, train individuals and make health and fitness a priority in my life. I definitely have chosen to not be defined by my age and to find ways to be vivacious, lively and bring a sparkle wherever I go. Life gets tough as we know, loved ones get sick, curve balls get thrown to you. Having chosen a creative pathway form the beginning, I have had my fair share of stress along the way going from being a Choreographer and Contemporary Dancer in Europe, speaking a foreign language, to a full -time oil painter, to setting up my own fitness business. As these challenges occur we tend to wear our stress on our face and body. Fitness is an essential gift that I can give to myself and others, yet I found it crucial to support my skin along the way to counter the effects of fatigue, environmental stressors, sun exposure, mountain environments and simply gaining cycles around the sun!

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Nu Skin as an early teen through my dad who was an early adopter in NZ. I have branched out at times to sample other skin care ranges, but come running back to the products that I know keep my skin perfectly in balance with unparalleled hydration, vitality and luminosity. I also care about keeping clear of harmful chemicals like Parabens, Parafens and mineral oils to name a few. I can feel safe that there is nothing that is going to harm me or the planet.

I am so passionate about Nu Skin products that I am excited to continue my fathers work and make this a part of my business, connecting others to do the same. If you get excited by thought of working with exceptional products and connecting others, please reach out. I'd love to share the opportunity with you.


Feel free to contact me directly so I can personally share more about these amazing products.

+64 272277338

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