How To create Do-Able "You Time"

We are all time poor right? There is so much pressure to be everything to everybody.. work, family, friends and the most well-meaning of people. These accumulated responsibilities can make us poor of the very things that people love and respect about us, our energy humour, and personal outlook. The truth is that we can't sustain this outpour of energy unless we take time out for ourselves, regularly topping up our fuel and inner resources. So how do we make our time richer?

Personal Investment.

I worked out that a good time for my own exercise and self-reflection was walking my dog. It's the best excuse in the world, and I so need it. There is nothing like moving energy with a brisk walk, reflecting on surroundings, whether it be a mountain-scape, or a city scape. When you open your eyes you view a world bigger than yourself and bigger than your perceived problems, somehow issues seem more manageable. Even taking an animal for a walk lets you smile at their sense of present awareness and joy at the simplicity of a sniff.

If you're the type that needs an endorphin injection, take a run. Then insert exercise routines, short 1-2 minute blasts of lunges, knee repeaters, squats, or mountain climbers and boom! you've just done something for yourself. A full work-out.

A lot of my friends say they don't have time and I know what that means, so here's is an offering. Try to take at least one group fitness class per week, like a barre warrior class, for up-skilling, getting corrections and just darn-well having the fun of exercising with others. The rest of the week take a walk, or run for 30 mins, add a couple of 2 minute High Intensity Work Outs whilst our on your walk/run.

I'm adding routines like this to my Instagram weekly. Find them here (@barrewarrior) And for more detailed 10-15 min routines, keep an eye out for the upcoming videos released in June.

Bottom line, folks, is that exercise makes you feel good, gives you vitality, natural energy and your improved bod gives you confidence in a world that screams "I'm confident" even if its done with a load of lights and make-up and cropping. The key is to honour yourself, like yourself and take time out to reflect and remember who it is you choose to be.

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