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Kinaesthesia Dance

What is Kinaesthesia?

Kinaesthesia literally means the awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body by means of sensory organs (proprioceptors) in the muscles and joints.


Amber has created a Dance Form out of the meaning, and is designed to open movement pathways and bring sensory awareness to different body parts. This is an open class format for all ages, stages and levels of dance experience. Kinaesthesia draws from Somatic Dance, Contemporary Dance and Tribal rhythms, Amber brings in knowledge from dance forms and practices that she studied over many years both as a teacher and performer. The vision behind Kinaesthesia is to help all people, dancers and "non dancers" gain greater fluidity, range of movement and spatial awareness through "games" and playful exercises. From shaking to swings to steps to spirals, this is a way to free the body, mobilise your joints, explore new ways your body can attune to music or your own beat!

This is a thorough workout and gets the endorphins charging!

Kineathesia has been successfully received at festivals such as Revitalise and Burning Horse and is now being taught at the Pioneer Hall in Port Chalmers. 

For more information or to book workshops, events or classes email

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