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Founder and Director

Instructor at Well + Being

Amber began ballet at age 4 with the RAD, then studied Contemporary Dance both at the Unitec Auckland Performing Arts. then Performance Art at The Academy Of Fine Arts in Vienna. She completed her studies with a post-graduate degree at Auckland's Unitec Performing Arts School. Amber had a dance company in Vienna and also in New Zealand touring and performing extensively . Amber founded Barre Warrior in 2016 at her flagship studio in Auckland. Amber has taught her program in Australia and is based in Dunedin

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Instructor at Balance Pilates

Julia Mckerrow recently joined the team. Julia met Amber in Auckland while completing her Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts in Contemporary Dance. 

Julia is an RAD classically trained dancer and has been working professionally as a freelance Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer for the last 18 years including leading Arts Festivals and is a recipient of the Creative New Zealand Tup Lang Choreographic Award. 
Julia is an NZAMD Contemporary Dance syllabus teacher, an NCEA Dance Curriculum Teacher and is currently working towards her Hanna Somatics teaching certification. 


Kim Seulgi

Instructor at Millbrook

Kim is a passionate fitness enthusiast, certified Barre Warrior and Pilates instructor, who discovered her love for movement and fitness in 2017. Since then, she has been dedicated to empowering others to find ease and progressions in their fitness journey, making every step towards a healthier lifestyle a joyful experience.


Her classes are a testament to her dedication to helping individuals of all fitness levels unlock their full potential. Emphasizing proper posture and alignment, she guides her students through invigorating Barre sessions.


In her classes, Kim becomes a Barre Warrior, leading her students with enthusiasm and energy, pushing them to surpass their own expectations. Her infectious love for music and movement sets the stage for an exhilarating experience that leaves participants feeling energized and accomplished.


Join Kim in her classes at Millbrook Resort and embark on a transformative fitness journey that embraces the harmony of Barre and Pilates, while discovering the joy of movement like never before. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just beginning your fitness venture, Kim will inspire you to move with grace, strength, and confidence, all while having a blast along the way.

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